Auto Services

Car Maintenance

Jon Miller Car Care offers the following auto services to all clients, whether it be for an annual check-up or to address a particular malfunction. Keeping the parts of your car intact and running smoothly is so important in lengthening the longevity of your vehicle’s life.

Brake services

Don’t let even the smallest of concerns go unnoticed when it comes to your brakes. Having the ability to stop can be the difference between an accident and a safe drive. Have your brakes serviced once a year to check the condition of your brake pads and brake fluid. If you notice any abnormal noises or shaking while braking bring your car into Jon Miller Car Care today for an inspection.

Transmission services

Transmission fluid protects the gears of your car’s transmission, preventing any wear and tear or slipping when shifting gears. In order to maintain a healthy and working transmission, we recommend transmission servicing every 30,000 miles, which includes a fluid flush and a filter replacement. Even if your car has not met the 30,000 mile mark, but it seems to be having difficulty changing gears or making concerning noises, bring your car in for the transmission to be examined.

Electrical systems

Your car’s electrical system is a hub for all sorts of functions in your car, from starting the engine to turning on your headlights. At Jon Miller Car Care, our electrical servicing involves battery, alternator, and starter inspections. At the first sign of any electrical issues, bring your car in to be inspected to prevent further problems from developing.

Fluid checks

Car fluids keep your car running smoothly. They include transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant fluid, power steering fluid, and engine oil. Without clean fluid and proper levels of fluids, essential organs of your car will fail to run and may eventually require replacement. Bring your car into Jon Miller Car Care to have your car fluids periodically flushed and topped off. Also, for any fluid leaks contact us and we will identify what is leaking and how to solve the leak.

Oil changes

We recommend an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles on your vehicle. This ensures both clean oil and adequate amounts of oil in your car. Without proper oil levels, parts will rub together, decreasing your engine’s efficiency and lifespan.  Our oil change also includes a full inspection of your oil filter, air filter, tire pressure levels, and your engine.

Steering and suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension system is responsible for handling the weight of your car, keeping your car balanced, and maintaining a straight and smooth ride. This system should be checked annually especially if your tires are shaking or having difficulty balancing. We also specialize in steering wheel alignment if your car is tending to veer particularly in one direction.

Contact us today at Jon Miller Car Care for any questions regarding your vehicle or to set up an appointment for one of our auto services.

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