Repairs and Replacements

No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, certain parts are bound to wear out over time. At the first sign of any peculiarity with the running of your vehicle, take it into Jon Miller Car Care for a possible part repair or replacement.

Battery Replacement

Your battery is the source of life for your vehicle. It stores power for your vehicle and helps start it every time you turn the key. Unfortunately, batteries have a finite lifespan, so expect at some point in owning a vehicle that battery replacement will be necessary. We specialize in replacing your battery at an affordable price.

Air Filter Replacement

All sorts of dirt and unwanted particles are constantly permeating the insides of your vehicle. Most cars have two different air filters, one for the engine and one for the cabin, to prevent this type of debris from reaching important parts. But because of this constant debris, air filters must be replaced from time to time to maintain efficiency.

Radiator Repair

The parts of your car are constantly working to keep your car moving. However, their work creates constant heat that needs to kept to a minimal level. This is where your car’s radiator comes into play. The coolant system should be flushed every two years to ensure your radiator is working properly and furthermore, that your car doesn’t overheat.

Engine Repair

A check engine light could be a sign your engine is in need of repair. Even if your vehicle seems to be functioning normally, take it into Jon Miller Car Care for a checkup. We will do a thorough examination of all parts of your engine. Addressing an issue early on, will prevent major car part replacement later on.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Having working wiper blades is crucial in maintaining visibility, and thus ensuring safety during rain or snow. If you notice your windshield wipers making louder noises or leaving streaks, it’s time for wiper blade replacement. It’s also important to keep an eye on the windshield wiper fluid. At Jon Miller Car Care we advise our clients to replace their blades annually. Bring your car in today and we’ll do a quick installation at our shop.

Belt and Hose Replacement

Hoses carry vehicle fluids to appropriate parts of the inside of your car. Belts are responsible for timing and  running power effectively. We advise a checkup of your belts and hoses every time you come in for an oil change or on an as need basis. Concerning noises, a lack of power, and fluid leaks are all signs you may need a belt or hose replacement.

Driveline Repair

Your driveline transports power from the engine to the wheels of your four tires, making them turn round and round. You may need driveline repair if you notice any peculiar vibrations. For tips on preventing driveline damage talk to any of our professionals about maintaining fluid levels, hauling manageable loads, etc.

AC and Heating Repair

If you notice your car’s heating or cooling system not working to its potential, bring your car into Jon Miller Car Care. We’ll examine your refrigerant levels, your hoses, belts, and interior air temperature. You deserve to be comfortable whatever the weather, so make sure to fix these problems immediately.

Contact today at Jon Miller Car Care for any car part repair or replacements. We promise speedy and reliable service for all of our customers.

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